Customer Success Story: Data Backup Strategy for Small & Medium Businesses

We help Small & Medium Business Customers make sure their data is backed up & easily accessible From any device and despite any IT systems failure 24x7x365


Industry: Small & Medium Business Customers

Size of Database: We backup and make data quickly available for customers with with less than 5 Gigabytes of data to those with more than 50 Terabytes

Types of Data: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Financial & Accounting data to Documents, Spreadsheets, Proposals & Presentations, Images, Audio files and more


Our IT Services company has customers of many different shapes & sizes – from companies with hundreds & thousands of employees across several dozen regional & national offices, to niche product & service organizations serving customers from one or a few locations.

Our customers produce documents that are hundreds of pages each with large, hi-res images, have large CRM databases and ERP systems, or have a typical mix of documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. For every customer, their data is integral to business operations, and it’s critical they have access to it when & where they need it –  from their office or home, on their computer or tablet, or from a boutique office in Southern California to an office tower in New York City.


We implement Backup & Replication technologies for many of our customers, which provides them with 24 x 7 x 365 availability of their data. Some other back-up solutions need to limit your access to your data during the backup process, so only run overnight or on weekends.

We implement enterprise-grade backup solutions for our small & medium business customers so they don’t have to compromise between data access & data backup. As a result, our customers benefit from having their data backed up on weekdays without slowing down software & systems they rely on during business hours. We backup their data at least once a day, while for critical systems we back them up multiple times a day in order to facilitate multiple recovery points.

We’ve had customers’ staff accidentally delete important files, folders, or emails. In these cases, we have recovered files from the most recent backup in minutes.

In other instances, virtual machines or email systems like Exchange may fail to restart after a software update, and we have relied on our recovery tools to once again restore systems in minutes. Prior to implementing our backup tools, recovery could take hours.

We have also implemented Disaster Recovery solutions for customers, putting technology in place that creates multiple copies of data on different media and locations.

We rely on ‘the cloud’ to securely transfer back-up copies to  it, in addition to physical equipment. We encrypt the data before it leaves our customers’ networks – both as it’s transferring and before & after it’s moved. This complements our data centers where we store back-up copies as well.

As a Managed IT Services provider, we want to remain focused on adding value to our customers’ technology and business goals. Time spent recovering data shouldn’t be a time-consuming task. With our technology to completely automate backup and recovery, our team doesn’t get sidetracked by restoring data for our customers – which may take other IT departments or companies several hours or days to complete. We have more time to focus on the day-to-day requirements of our customers and help them achieve more from their investment in our IT services & support.


With data access, back-up, and recovery tools, our customers have achieved many benefits:

  • Provides customers with 24 x 7 x 365 access to all of their data
  • Quickly restore accidentally deleted files, recover from failed software updates, and recover virtual machines & physical servers
  • Enables access to lost or corrupt data issues in minutes vs hours or longer
  • Supports customers’ digital transformation to virtualization technologies
  • Facilitates comprehensive data recovery plans


We deliver data back-up & availability solutions that include:

  • VMware vSphere Virtualization
  • VMware vCenter Server
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization
  • Veeam Backup & Replication
  • Veeam Availability Suite
  • Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

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