Customer Success Story: VoIP Phones for Warehousing Customer

Logistics Industry customer improves communications & saves thousands of dollars monthly on new Voice-over-IP phone system used by hundreds of staff members


Industry: Logistics Distribution & Warehousing

Location: Ontario, California



Our Logistics industry customer was spending thousands of dollars monthly on analog phones used by hundreds of staff members to handle purchase orders from customers to deliveries with drivers.


We provided staff at the logistics company with Cisco 7940 IP phones. The phones are used by everyone from office to warehouse staff. The 7940 model is designed for moderate phone use and features hands-free speakerphone and built-in headset capabilities, a large pixel display, and easy access to caller information and voicemail.

We designed & configured the network to best support both voice and internet data – IP phones require more consistent data bandwidth to prevent audio quality issues.


The VoIP phone system provides these benefits to the logistics company:

  • Reduced monthly costs from thousands of dollars in phone service fees to hundreds of dollars in internet service fees
  • Managers, in particular, now can sign-in to their phone & voicemail easily from the warehouse floor to the call centers & business offices
  • Improved phone hardware used by employees with large displays, audio ports that support standard headsets, and quality speakerphones to improve their efficiency at responding to customer and driver calls


We delivered a solution that included multiple Cisco products, including:

  • Cisco 7940 IP Phones
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager to configure, manage, and support IP phones
  • Cisco Business Edition 6000
  • Cisco Unified Workspace
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express


We continue to provide day-to-day support to:

  • Update phone settings for new & departing employees
  • Update auto attendant settings for holidays and more
  • Answer employee’s questions about signing into their phone extension, using advanced features, and setting up new headsets
  • Troubleshoot individual staff members’ phone support requests

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