Our business is ready to invest in new technology, and we’d benefit from some expertise to design, implement, and manage the project.

We consult with our clients to understand their technology infrastructure, and provide a needs assessment to optimize their investments and identify new networking, hardware & software solutions to help our customers employees get the most out of their IT to achieve results.

Do any of these sound familiar?
  • Our network is unreliable and data is slow, and we’re ready to figure out what needs to be done to improve it
  • We don’t want to spend $1,000+ for expensive computers, and are interested in replacing expensive desktop or laptop computers with these virtual ‘thin client’ computers for a fraction of the cost
  • Our phone bill is too high, and we’d like to find out more about Voice-over-IP phone technology
  • I want my business’ collaboration tools to work seamlessly together – from our phones, instant messaging software, video conferencing tools and more
  • We have VoIP phones, and now our network is slow and phones don’t work half the time
We have experience implementing:
  • Networking technology from Cisco
  • Network monitoring tools from VMware, Veeam, Barracuda and more
  • Thin client computers from HP and Dell
  • Virtual desktop & application technology from Citrix
  • VoIP phone & collaboration tools from Cisco, and optimizing & configuring networks to support both VoIP phone and computer data requirements
  • Office productivity software & email systems from Microsoft
  • Data back-up tools & processes
  • …and much, much more

IT PROJECTS: C-7 & C20: License Number 1036301

We are a trusted IT partner to our clients, providing them with IT project design & implementation services for:

  • Computer Server & Networking Infrastructure, including routers, switches, firewalls, and security appliances
  • VoIP systems, including Phones, integrated Instant Messaging and Unified Communications solutions to improve overall collaboration
  • Fibre, CAT5, CAT6 Cabling in offices & warehouses
  • Internet & Email Services
  • Desktop/Laptop & Virtual Computer Workstation design & configuration
  • Cloud Software Applications
  • Website & Software Development
  • Data Storage, Back-up & Recovery solutions

We have deep technical expertise to integrate new technology into existing IT infrastructure to make sure existing systems support the tech your company relies on today, while taking advantage of new features & capabilities.


We help our customers’ business & technology stakeholders drive performance and operational efficiency through our IT project management consulting services. Our customers can remain focused on time, scope, and budget requirements while we offer project management & business consulting expertise to ensure your IT investments meet your expectations.


We count as technology partners & providers many of the leading computer networking, hardware, and software companies.